European Politics

  1. Multiple Dimensions of Bureaucratic Discrimination: Evidence from German Welfare Offices
    Forthcoming American Journal of Political Science. With J. Hemker.
  2. Attitudes towards Refugees: A Threshold Model
    Working Paper. With S. Veit. Funding: Social Science Center.
  3. Fostering Pro-Refugee Attitudes? A Field Experiment in 50 Berlin Schools
    In progress. With J. Hainmuller and D. Hangartner. Funding: Stanford; F.-Ebert
Public Opinion
  1. Inheritance Customs and Egalitarianism
    In progress. With H. Hilbig
  2. Does Public Opinion Shape Political Rhetoric? Evidence from Classified Government Surveys.
    In progress.
  3. Assessing the Stability of Party Identification in Germany Using a Multi-Measure Approach
    In progress. With S. Baltes and D. Green.