1. How Effective are HIV Behavior Change Interventions? Experimental Evidence from Zimbabwe
    Forthcoming at Journal of Development Effectiveness. With R. Wong-Grunwald. Funding: GIZ.
  2. Simple or Complex Contagion? Testing Optimal Network Targeting Mechanisms in a Placebo-Controlled Trial in Zambia.
    In progress. With F. Elwert. Funding: GIZ.
  3. To Finance or to Educate? A Field Experiment with Young Entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe
    In progress. Funding: IYF and USAID.
  1. Do Protestant Missionaries Undermine Political Authority? Evidence from Peru
    Forthcoming at CPS. Funding: CSDS.
  2. Missionaries and Democratization
    In progress. Funding: Social Science Center Berlin.
  3. The Determinants of Radicalization: Evidence from Kenya
  4. Forthcoming at JCR. With K. Sharma. Funding: Brookings Institution.
  5. Testing Theories of Deradicalization. A Field Experiment in Kenya
    In progress. With K. Sharma. Funding: U.S. Department of State.
  6. The Ethical Underpinnings of Extremism
    Working Paper. With K. Sharma. Funding: Brookings Institution.