I am a PhD candidate in comparative politics at Columbia University and a research wzb_jahresbericht-2016_3426-copyfellow at the Social Science Center Berlin. My primary research interest lies in the political economy of development, where I focus on two substantive topics: religion and education. Recently, I’ve also been involved in a number of projects on European politics where I’m interested in migration and public opinion. Methodologically, I focus on field experiments and network analysis. I also enjoy Bayesian statistics, particularly when integrating qualitative and quantitative evidence. In most of my research, I partner with local NGOs and governmental institutions. My research has received financial support from the U.S. Department of State, the Brookings Institution, the International Youth Foundation, GIZ, and the Center for the Study of Development Strategies, among others.

My CV is here. You can reach me at  afr2132 (at) columbia (dot) edu.

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